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Do Products Sell Better on a White Background?

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Definitely, YES! A simple white backdrop is consistently viewed as timeless, tidy, crisp, and uncomplicated. Many internet-based business owners on eCommerce platforms opt for this type of background for their product photographs, as it accentuates the product’s features while concurrently conveying a sense of professionalism and dependability.

Humans can quickly comprehend information when presented in an image format, and they remember 80% of what they see compared to the 20% retained from text messages. A plain white background can enhance product photos visually, drawing people’s attention at a glance and driving them to make purchases more quickly.

This is why sites like Amazon and eBay ask for product photos with a plain white background. They understand that this type of background helps keep their customers’ attention focused on the product and not on a distracting backdrop.

Not only does a white backdrop look professional, but it also makes all products appear equal in quality, no matter the color or style. All items become unified with a plain white backdrop. This can be advantageous for eCommerce entrepreneurs because it makes the buyer more likely to focus on purchasing and less likely to be distracted by comparison.

If you’re still not convinced, let’s take a look at the 8 best reasons why using a white background works best for product photos.

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Why Use White Background in Product Photos?

Want to know why a white background is the best choice for your product photos? Here are 8 compelling reasons:

A White Background Promotes Consistency.

To establish a professional portfolio, just as any photographer would do, you must plan and detail every shoot. Consider using a plain white backdrop to ensure consistency in your product page and increase the customers’ confidence when shopping. This will ultimately demonstrate your credibility and trustworthiness to your audience.

Utilizing the same background for photos helps customers quickly browse through their options and easily remember which products to choose—without any distractions. This level of organization allows them to have an effortless shopping experience that they can recall with ease.

A White Background Emphasizes the Product.

When you’re selling online, it’s essential to limit the visual elements in product photos – other than the product itself. By removing the background and replacing it with white or transparent, all attention is directed towards your product, making its details more prominent and realistic for viewers.

By leaving out a background, you can take precise and uncluttered pictures. Customers feel more attached to the product because they see it as the main focus of the photo. This is especially important for clothes and jewelry where the fabric and material should be the center of attention.

A White Background Makes Products Appear Larger and Brighter.

White reflects all colors, which helps to brighten every corner of the product. This creates an illusion that enhances the product size and makes it look better than it actually is in real life.
This can also be quite useful when it comes to shooting small items like jewelry, watches or accessories. The product appears bigger in the frame and takes up more space on the product page, driving customers to make purchase decisions faster.

A White Background is Easier to Adjust.

If any adjustments need to be done in post-processing (e.g., color correction, brightness/contrast changes), it’s easier to do so on a white backdrop. This is because the color is uniform, and no extra elements in the background could be affected by any changes.

Having hundreds of product shots to edit can save you a lot of time and hassle. With a plain white background, you can easily adjust your photos’ color and brightness without worrying about any other element in the frame.

Creating product image variants is also a breeze if you have a white background. For example, if you need color variants of a shoe you’re selling in your store, you can ask a photo editing service like Pixel by Hand to do color-changing techniques on your current product image, and you won’t have to take a new photo each time. Not only does this help you save time, but it also cut down expenses for product photography.

A White Background Makes Items Look More Luxurious.

When a product is shot with a white background, it looks more luxurious and elegant than on a colored background. This is especially true for expensive items that need to convey a high-end message to customers.

The white background gives off a sense of sophistication and refinement, making the product look more desirable and luxurious than it would on any other backdrop. This can be extremely effective when selling jewelry, watches, or expensive apparel.

For example, a ring shot on a white background appears more elegant and eye-catching as its details and craftsmanship get highlighted.

A White Background Exudes Professionalism.

Using a white backdrop for product photos is especially advantageous for businesses selling luxury or high-end items. It conveys a sense of refinement and elegance that resonates with the customer. The crispness and minimalism of the background make products look more luxurious while also exuding professionalism.

Furthermore, a white background often conveys the message that you are an expert at what you do. This can create trust in your brand and increase customer loyalty over time. Plus, they feel confident knowing that they’re buying from a reliable source.

A White Background Shows the True Colors of the Products.

Capturing a product’s true colors can be quite tricky, and the difference between success and failure comes down to having an adequate white background. Customers will only trust your brand when they can see accurate depictions of its products; thus, maintaining that relationship is crucial for any business’s ultimate success. Offering customers realistic pictures with the right colors lets them know you’re reliable and worth investing in.

For example, t-shirts shot on a white background can have the exact fabric texture and true colors that customers can expect to receive. Since a white background reflects a wide range of colors, the item can be photographed accurately.

An Image with White Background has an Optimal File Size.

Using a white background will minimize the size of your image files for easy saving. Not only does this make meeting upload standards easier, but it also boosts website loading speeds and customer satisfaction. Moreover, faster load times can drastically improve search rankings, leading to increased sales opportunities.

Why Image Background Removal Service is so Important for eCommerce?

In this guide, we will discuss the importance of image background removal for eCommerce and why it should always be a part of any successful marketing campaign. We’ll look at the benefits of removing backgrounds from images, as well as provide some tips on how to get started with background removal services.

When Not to Use Plain White Background

When it comes to product photography, online marketplaces such as Amazon prefer a uniform look with white background images. While this gives the photos an appealing aesthetic, there are several reasons why some sellers may not be fond of using pure white for their product photography.

If you want your item to be eye-catching, a white background isn’t the way to go. A colored or thematic backdrop for products like jewelry adds an extra flair that catches someone’s attention immediately. Even adding in minor effects such as shadows and props can have a huge impact on grabbing people’s interest. Increasing visual appeal with these simple techniques makes items more desirable than when presented on just a plain white canvas.

Moreover, photos can seem dull when shot against a pure white background. Items such as apparel, furniture, and electronics appear more vibrant if photographed on-location instead. Lookbook images provide dynamism to the photo by featuring stylized components that make it come alive for viewers—like telling them a story.

If you want to increase followers, expand your reach and boost engagement on social media with product posts, lifestyle shots are the way to go. Styled photos grab attention more easily than plain white background images – they look interesting and unique, so users will likely interact positively with them. White backgrounds work best in online stores, though keep those for when customers visit your shop.

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Plain White Background vs. Photographing Products in Context

A white background is the preferred choice when showcasing products due to its simplicity and affordability. Without any distracting elements, it puts all of the attention on the product itself. Additionally, changing a photo’s background into white is cost-effective compared to other methods and faster for editing purposes. Overall, this approach promotes consistency and keeps customers focused on what matters most: your product.

In contrast, shooting in context offers a range of benefits. After all, it can tell an authentic story when models use products. Moreover, subtle styling gives the seller direct access to their target demographic and increases the product’s desirability when presented in an inspirational environment. Furthermore, photographing in context maximizes sales for that particular item and boosts promotional efforts for complementary products.

When deciding between a white background or shooting in context for product photography, it is critical to consider how customers will perceive your brand and the type of item. This approach helps you determine which strategy would produce the most beneficial results.

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