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What Is Color Matching Service and Why Is It Best For Your Business?

Color Matching Service

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The importance of color accuracy is paramount in all aspects of eCommerce, from product photography and online visuals to product packaging and even on-site experiences. Color matching service helps business owners to ensure their products match the exact shade or color that customers expect, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

This is not an issue with a single product as it requires less effort in terms of doing product photoshoots and editing. But what about those who are selling multiple color variations of the same product? With traditional methods, this could mean multiple product photoshoots, resulting in high costs and time-consuming editing.

However, through color-matching services, businesses can obtain accurate graphic information from manufacturers or suppliers before committing to the production process. This saves them the cost of doing on-site color changes for their products.

In this guide, we will cover all the key aspects of color-matching services and how businesses can benefit from them. We will discuss why accuracy in colors is so important and how businesses can leverage this service to optimize their product visuals, packaging, and processes. Let’s go!

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What is Color-Matching?

Color matching is the practice of ensuring that your chosen colors on-screen match precisely to their off-screen results. This process considers all three components of color, hue, saturation, and brightness when designing a product packaging, thus guaranteeing an identical outcome when printed.

In eCommerce, color matching is a must-have product photo editing service. Usually, when business owners provide their product images to their preferred eCommerce photo editing service, it oftentimes doesn’t have an accurate representation of the real-life colors due to different lighting and angles at the photo was taken. Through color matching, you can provide your customers with an accurate representation of their potential purchases.

All you need to do is to provide your editor with the correct color code that matches exactly with the product in real life. This color code will be used in the editing process to match and adjust the product’s colors. To obtain the best results, this procedure must be carried out with exactness and accuracy by seasoned professionals.

Color Matching vs Color Changing

Similar to the color matching service, a color code is provided but it’s not used to match the color with the original. In a color-changing service, a single product image is provided by the business to the editors to create color variants.

For example, if you have shoes that come in 4 colors, there is no need to take pictures of each product variant separately. You can simply take a photo of one color, provide the editor with the other 3 color codes, and your work will be done. This service is great for businesses dealing with a large number of product variants in different colors.


Benefits of Color Changing and Color Matching Services

There are countless advantages to using color matching services that can help your eCommerce store reach new heights in sales and expansion.

1. Reduces Returns

Product returns are an unfortunate reality for every eCommerce store and can be financially devastating, impacting not only a single sale but far more.

Not only does it add to your expenses by requiring you charge customers for pick-up and return shipping, but its most damaging cost is arguably the loss of customer goodwill that can be accompanied with a negative review.

According to Invespcro, the return rate for online stores is an astounding 30%, almost four times that of physical shops which have a mere 8.8% return rate. One of the main contributors to this substantial number is simply because products are not looking as expected upon delivery, with more than 25% falling under this category.

To reduce return rates, matching your product photos to the real thing is essential. After all, it’s usually when customers receive something that doesn’t look like its advertised image that orders are returned. Consequently, ensuring each item looks exactly as portrayed on the website is critical for a successful business.

Color correction and color matching services can assist you in minimizing returns. This service is fundamentally focused on making sure the colors of your products precisely correspond to what customers have anticipated. By delivering a product that lives up to customer expectations, it decreases any potential for return due to misaligned expectations or dissatisfaction.

2. Better-Looking Products

Ask yourself this: would you stop scrolling on your phone if you come across your product image on social media? If not, consider investing in some extra help to get those conversion rates up!

Hiring a color-matching service can drastically improve the aesthetic appeal of your product images—making them stand out and enticing buyers to click on them.

The color correction and matching services can drastically improve the aesthetic of any product, reducing excess noise, dullness, and harsh shadows. The result is a more vibrant final image that looks completely natural to the eye. Whether you are selling apparel, shoes or accessories, such services help make sure your images are of the highest possible quality that they can be.

Enhancing the aesthetics of your product images will draw in more customers than products with inadequate or unattractive photos. The quality and composition of these photographs must reflect that they were carefully taken to represent what you are selling accurately. Treat them as if they were physical samples, putting just as much effort into producing their visuals—because ultimately, this is how potential buyers will form an initial impression.

Ultimately, your product images will be the ones that draw in potential customers rather than the products themselves—at least in an eCommerce setting.

3. Saves Time

When you own an online store, there are countless responsibilities to juggle. From advertising and stock control to customer service and financial management, the list is seemingly never-ending. And that’s just scraping the surface.

Hiring a product photo editing and color matching service takes away the burden of having to manually edit each image, letting you focus on other aspects of your business. With a busy eCommerce store, there could easily be hundreds upon thousands of images that need editing.

With a photo editing service, you can have them all ready for the web within a few days. And, with more time to spare, you can focus on improving customer service and creating better marketing campaigns, which in turn leads to improved sales and more profit for your business.

Photo editors like Pixel by Hand are also trained and experienced in their art, so you can have the assurance that each image has been given careful attention and is of the highest quality. From creating clipping paths to adjusting the color and contrast, their specialist image editing services are sure to help you set your store apart from the competition.

4. Single Product, Multiple Colors

It’s hard enough producing compelling images of single products but what if you have to produce them in different colors?

A photo editing and color matching service can help you out by creating multiple versions of the same product in various shades. This is especially useful for apparel stores, where customers often want to see the product in different colors before making a purchase.

When you have multiple variations of the same product, it not only provides your customers with more options but also gives them a better opportunity to find something they are looking for. By catering to customers who have different color preferences, you can make sure that no one is left out and increase your chances of making a sale.

Product Retouching: Your secret weapon to E-commerce Success

Retouching is not only beneficial for convenience and quality. It can also improve and enhance the look of certain products for marketing purposes.

5. Sets the Right Expectations for the Customers

High-quality product images give customers an accurate representation of what they are buying. This helps to ensure that your customers receive exactly what they expect when their order arrives and eliminates the chances of them being disappointed with the product upon delivery.

It also increases customer confidence in your online store, which is essential for turning visitors into buyers. People who feel secure in their purchase will be more likely to purchase from your store again and recommend it to their friends. You provide your customers with an exceptional purchasing experience, ensuring they are left satisfied with the product that they have so eagerly awaited.

6. Improves Conversion

Investing in high-quality photos of your products can captivate any visitor to your website. With pictures that precisely depict what they are purchasing, customers will be delighted with the outcome when their package arrives. This encourages customers to leave you glowing reviews on your website or your Amazon listing, creating a positive buzz and enticing more people to give it a try.

Furthermore, satisfied customers will likely refer your brand to their acquaintances and relatives. This produces an influx of new clientele for your business. By consistently providing customers with what they’ve been promised, your business can not only acquire new customers but retain them as well.

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Pixel by Hand Color Correction and Color Matching Service

At Pixel by Hand, we provide a wide range of photo editing services for eCommerce, including color correction and color matching. Our team of professionals can take your product images to the next level, ensuring that they look as good in real life as they do on the web.

We employ advanced techniques such as creating clipping paths and adjusting colors to create a consistent look across all products in various shades. With our top-of-the-line service, you can make sure that your store will stand out from the competition and give customers an exceptional purchasing experience.

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