Build A Strong eCommerce Brand Through Product Images

How To Build An eCommerce Brand Through Product Images

You might believe that product images on your e-commerce website are solely there to help sell products. In truth, their purpose goes further than that; they are also essential for Brand Building.

It is undeniable that brand building plays an important role in customers returning to a particular website over and over again. If created properly, images can deepen a potential customers attachment to a brand.

So, how can you build an e-commerce brand through product images?

When you have decided on how you want your business to be perceived you are then ready to organize your business based on this perception.

You need to communicate the perception of your business through your images consistently. How do you do this? Consistent colors, consistent sizing, consistent backgrounds, consistent retouching. Consistency is key!

What Is eCommerce Branding?

ecommerce branding through consistency

eCommerce branding is the systematic way an eCommerce business as a whole communicates with its customers and potential customers, this is done to strengthen the businesses perception in their minds.

There are many ways you can improve your eCommerce brand – through it’s copyrighting, . As eCommerce is such a visual way of selling then it’s vital to present your brand clearly through your website images.

What Is Brand Imagery?

Brand imagery is how your brand is perceived through images. This is not just through your product images, it is through every image your business creates and displays.

Brand imagery is essential as images are the first thing that any potential will look at, they immediately attach an opinion to each image you create.

How Are Brand Product Images Different To Regular Product Images?


The majority of e-commerce sites give little to no thought on building a brand through their product images. Brand product images are basically how you build your website aesthetic, while still making your product images attractive to potential buyers.

Brand images can appear in a variety of different forms. For example traditional, simple, modern, complex, edgy etc. What these brand images do is present emotion to the potential customer (Brand Feelings).

This type of connection is hard to quantify. Confidence and trust are built up over a period of time. Through repeat exposure.

This type of imagery allows you to show potential customers exactly who you are and also why they should trust you or your product.

Building a brand through your images will give you a significant advantage over competitors who are simply looking to sell without building a brand.


How Do You Start Product Brand Image Building?

brand imagery

Firstly you need to do a little bit of research. Identify your perfect customer. Visualise the customer and exactly what they want. Through this, you can find visualise what your visitors will respond to.

In the above example of two car manufacturers, both are selling basically the same products (cars), but both are trying to sell to two completely different target audiences.

Both images of the cars have been heavily edited, the backgrounds are especially almost cartoon-like.

In the Ford ad, the image is set on an open Road in the desert. The bright red car, bold fonts. It signifies speed and freedom. To sell the idea that the cars are Powerful, strong and fast.

The Mercedes ad, on the other hand, uses a silver colored car, in a city environment and using clean professional looking fonts. The colors and styling exude confidence, luxury and technology. This is to attract the aspirational customer.

These examples are fairly extreme. We have chosen them to illustrate how a brand can be affected by a product image.

A brand product image can be heavily affected by the product itself, color, composition, text, style and in particular consistency.

In order to portray the correct image feel knowing the basics of color and typography theory are very useful.


brand image colors


In the image above you can see how famous brands use color to represent their entire brand and display emotion. If you know your audience well then it is fairly straightforward to pick the right design elements to focus on.

As soon as you figure out what works, stick to it. Consistency across your images is key for your brand image.


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