6 Strategies To Revamp Ecommerce Product Images 

If you are aiming to persuade people to buy your products, the quality of your product images plays a crucial role in supporting your sales campaign. The average internet user usually remembers more than 80% of what they visually see, against just 20% of the text they read. Therefore, visuals have a significant impact. Not producing attractive product images could lead to numerous missed sales opportunities. So, in this guide, we offer you six varied techniques to maximise the potential of your product images fully.


1) Product Images For eCommerce (Variants) – The Number Of Images Per Product

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You need to consider how many images you want to display on each product. This will be affected by where you are displaying your products. For example on your own website or using a third party marketplace like Amazon or Google Shopping. Usually, the more detail you can provide in your product images the better. Sites like Amazon and eBay allow you to use lots of different images.

If you are using your own website to sell products and you have lots of products in your store, then it may limit you to the number of images you can use. Whatever the number of images you choose, you need to remain consistent for every product in your store. It’s advisable to use a minimum of three product images for each product


2) Product Images For eCommerce (Details) – All Colors, Details & Designs Should Be Shown In Your Images 

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If you have a number of colours and designs for a product then you should provide an image of each. Never expect a potential customer to buy a product if they have not seen it in all available colours and styles.

This is especially true when it comes to fashion items. Don’t just take a photograph of the most popular style or colour. After all not everybody has got the same taste



3) Product Images For eCommerce (Visualization) – Products Should Be Photographed In A Setting To Help Visualize Their Use

Every product is different, and also the perceived benefits of each product is different. Don’t just rely on a customer to use their imagination in how to best use a product or place it in their home. You need to illustrate clearly the main selling points of your products.

You can also allow your potential customers to become emotionally attached to a product. Illustrating how the product can fit into their everyday life is a great way of getting your message across.

For example, if you were trying to sell sofas then it’s a good idea to place the sofa in a home environment with attractive surroundings. The potential customer can then get a clearer idea of how the product could fit into their own home.



4) Product Images For eCommerce (Attractiveness) – Maximize Your Product’s Image Appeal

This may seem obvious but it is the most important part of producing great product images. The more attractive and appealing your images look the more likely you are to make a sale.

There are a number of different ways in which you can spruce up your product images and make them look as attractive as possible.

  • Lighting is a key element of producing great looking product images. Avoid any shadows and make sure that each and every product is evenly lit.
  • Experiment with your cameras photo settings to improve on your shots. Once you find something that works stick to it and be consistent in all your shots.
  • It is vital that your camera is still and stable. Even the slightest movement will create blurring.
  • Create an attractive background for all your images and make sure that you are consistent in their appearance.
  • Consider using different angles for your product shots. Experiment until you find something that works for your particular product.
  • Make sure you allow time for editing your images. Consistent image editing can provide you with great looking products.



5) Product Images For eCommerce (Visibility) – Allow Your Products To Be Seen

Product images are always the first thing that a website visitor will gravitate towards. Regardless of how good your text is on the site it is human instinct that the first thing to look at will be the images. The reason for this is that images are quicker to process in the human mind. We can discifer numerous things by the first glance of a product image – design, size, color, shape etc

So is it not essential that we should maximize the number of images we have on an ecommerce site? Well just imagine you have a site full of images. This would be overkill and cause confusion in the minds of visitors. You should use your images tactically, for example at the end of one product listing you can also suggest alternative products, displaying images of each product.

There are many other places on the web where we maximize our product visibility – ads, social media etc We should aim to spread our product images far and wide.



.6) Product Images For eCommerce (Template) – Consistency Is Key

Consistency is key to maintaining a strong brand identity and providing a quality feel to your site. Colors, image styles, image size, image quality should all be consistent.

Is All This Effort Really Necessary?

As we have said earlier product images are the most important aspect of selling products online. Your potential customers will always be drawn to a photograph before they read any text on your website. So you need to make sure that your product images stand out, are consistent and are displayed in as many places as possible.


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