So you have carefully planned out your photo shoot, carried out the photo shoot itself and now it’s time for possibly the most important part – making your images look exceptional.
If you plan to outsource your product photo editing, then following your photo shoot you will arrange for your raw product images to be sent to a third party image editing service.
The service will be responsible for editing your images and then returning them back to you.

Style Templates

In your preparation stage, you should carefully think out your style template. By style template, we refer to the overall look and consistency of the images on your website.
A professional image editing service will be able to evaluate your style template. They will then be able to create a steady stream of aesthetically correct images, that’s fit seamlessly with your website.
You can see an example of a style template below.

If on the other hand, you don’t have a style template in mind, don’t be afraid to ask the image editors if they can prepare one to fit in with your Brand and website image.
Be careful not to skip this step, it will be essential in the overall image optimisation process. Consistency is the key to building a strong and recognisable brand through your images.

What Is Product Image Editing & Retouching?

Photo editing, image editing and retouching are all titles which refer to the same processes.

‘Editing’ covers a wide range of practices. The foundations or basic elements of image editing include background removal, clipping paths, product alignment, cropping, margin setting and image compression.
You can also include in this the setting of the image file type such as png or jpg, together with the setting of the image aspect ratio.
Most, if not all professional image editing services can perform these elements of your Image editing.
You will also find that more advanced and experienced photo editing services will be able to offer product image retouching.

Actually, it is not overly clear in image editing the differences between retouching and editing. The majority of the industry use both terms without consideration to mean the same thing.
The reality is that photo retouching refers to the actual manipulation of the look of the product within the image. Whilst, the image editing aspect refers more to the mechanical editing of the image.

‘Real’ Retouching

It is advisable to find an image editing service that can also provide ‘ real’ retouching.
This would involve cleaning up a product to remove any unwanted dirt or specs of dust.

If you are using clothing and the items have not been prepared properly, then they may need to remove any unwanted creases and Crinkles.
If you are using real-life models then certain aspects of their physical appearance may need touching up.
Additionally, shadows and reflections may need adjusting in order to make the product look true to life.

Keep The Bigger Picture In Mind

You should not lose focus on the main purpose of outsourcing the photo editing in the first place. You want to have exceptional, consistent looking images as an end product.
Pixel By Hand prefers to take a more personal approach to image editing. Each and every business we work with will have allocated point of contact. If you have any questions, problems or special requests we are available to help.