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Product Retouching: Your secret weapon to E-commerce Success

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Product retouching is a **vital tool** for e-commerce success, even if it’s sometimes overlooked. Small tweaks to product pictures **boost sales** and conversion rates, making your online store look more **attractive and professional**.

Product retouching can be used to fix minor imperfections in the image, such as a slightly scratched surface or a small mark on the side of an item. It can also be used to make more drastic changes, such as changing the color of clothing, adding or removing items from backgrounds, and even completely replacing products on shelves with different ones.

Retouching is not only beneficial for convenience and quality. It can also improve and enhance the look of certain products for marketing purposes. For example, if you sell clothing, it might be helpful to retouch product images in order to showcase the latest fashion trends or target specific demographics within your market.

In this guide, we will discuss some of the most important aspects of product retouching, including what it is, why it’s important, and the key benefits of hiring product retouching services.

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The Role of Product Photos in e-Commerce Marketing

One of the most powerful tools or assets in e-commerce marketing is product photos. As consumers browse through different products and make purchasing decisions, having high-quality, attractive images can be a key factor in whether or not they end up buying your products.

Countless studies have already proven how emotions play a valuable part in our purchase decisions. We don’t just browse online shops for the pleasure of looking at the items, we want to experience them. And this is where having great images come to play. Great images can improve your conversion and engage your potential customers’ senses.

The quality and clarity of pictures appeal to your consumers’ emotions, which is critical if you want your website to convert. It’s all about the details, as they say. This is proven true for e-commerce, as customers want to see what they are purchasing.

By providing customers with an actual representation of your product, you are more likely to gain their trust and confidence. You want to emphasize the most important features of your product, whether it’s a new jewelry piece or a mobile phone.

In addition to showcasing the product features and details, you also want to consider how your images look aesthetically. An attractive product image can help create a positive impression of your brand, encouraging customers to make a purchase.

Product photos should be high-quality and show off the product in the best possible light. This is where product retouching comes into play.
Great product photos can also help to improve other aspects of e-commerce marketing, such as social media promotion and online advertising. By using high-quality images, you can make your products look more appealing and entice more people to click on your ads.

But how do you make sure that your product photos are the best they can be? One option is to hire a product retouching service. Professional product photographers and image editors can work with you to enhance your photos, fix minor flaws and imperfections, and add in any extra touches that will make your images stand out from the competition.

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What is E-Commerce Product Retouching?

E-commerce product retouching is the process of editing and enhancing product photos in order to improve their quality and appearance. This can include fixing minor flaws or imperfections, such as scratches or marks on the surface of an item, as well as more drastic changes such as modifying the color or adding new items to a background.

Product retouching can be done using a variety of different software programs, such as Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom. In most cases, product retouching is a fairly straightforward process and can be completed quickly and easily.

There are two main types of product retouching:

  1. Basic Retouching: Basic retouching usually refers to fixing minor flaws or imperfections in an image. This can include removing small scratches or marks and correcting any lighting issues.
  2. Advanced Retouching: Advanced retouching is a more complex process that can involve making major changes to an image, such as changing the color of an item or adding in new items to the background. This type of retouching can be more time-consuming and requires a higher level of skill.

What is Included in Product Retouching?

Product retouching can include a variety of different edits and enhancements, depending on the needs of the client.

Adding Perfect Backgrounds

A big part of e-commerce product photography is creating the perfect backgrounds for your products. This can be anything from plain white background to a more complex backdrop that includes props and other items.

In most cases, the background will be provided by the client. However, there may be times when you need to add in a new background or modify the existing one. This is where Photoshop comes in handy, as you can easily add in new elements or make changes to the background.

Cropping and Resizing

Cropping and resizing are two of the most basic edits that can be done to an image. In most cases, cropping is used to remove any unwanted elements, such as a stray hand in the background or clutter on a desk.
Some online stores prefer to resize their images so that they fit perfectly within different parts of the site. For example, you may want to resize an image to fit nicely into the product description area of your website.

Professional Image Sharpening

Many e-commerce product images are taken with a camera and then uploaded to the website. However, this can often lead to blurry or “fuzzy” photos that don’t look as good as they could. Fortunately, professional image retouching can help you sharpen your images in order to make them look more clear and crisp.

Image Color Correction

Whether you’re selling clothes or home decor, it’s important that the colors in your product photos are accurate. This can often be a problem, as colors can sometimes appear different in real life than they do on a computer screen.

Fixing Flaws and Imperfections

Even the best product photos can have flaws or imperfections. Whether it’s a small scratch on the surface of an item or a stain on a piece of clothing, these imperfections can be distracting and take away from the overall quality of the image.

Product retouching can help you fix these flaws and imperfections, as well as any other minor issues that may be present in the image.

Adjust Light and Contrast

Another thing that can often make a photo look bad is poor lighting or a lack of contrast. This is likely to happen when picture was taken with less-than-ideal lighting conditions, or it may be an issue with color correction.

Whatever the case, product retouching specialists have the ability to adjust light and contrast in order to improve the overall quality of your product images.


Color Grading
Another method of improving a photo is color grading. This is when you add different colors or shades to the image in order to make it more visually appealing. For example, an image may be lightened up or darkened so that it has more contrast or so that the colors are more vivid.

Depending on your needs, product retouching may include some or all of the above edits and enhancements. However, it’s important to work with a professional who has experience in all aspects of product retouching to achieve your desired outcome.

Photo Retouching Brings Out the Details

When you’re shooting an image, the chances are that there is always something about it that can be improved upon. In product photos, that something is usually related to detail. Being able to see and capture the details of a product is often what makes or breaks an image.

Luckily, photo retouching services can help you bring out the true details of your products, even if those details are hidden behind folds or stitching. With that being said, it’s important to work with a professional who has experience in photo retouching, so that you can get the best results possible.

Why Successful E-Commerce Companies Invest in Professional Product Retouching Services

For e-commerce businesses, having professional and high-quality product photos is essential. To truly showcase your products and increase sales, you must invest in a high-quality photo retouching service.

Whether it’s fixing flaws or color correcting an image, a professional can do much more than when you try to do it on your own. In fact, professional photo retouching services can even improve the lighting, contrast, and colors of an image in order to make it truly shine.


product retouching for ecommerce
  • Create a favorable impression of your brand and keep it in the customer’s mind
    Great product photos can increase brand awareness in the sense that they leave a favorable impression of the brand in the customer’s mind. This is definitely crucial for e-commerce businesses, as product photos are often one of the main factors that get potential customers to actually buy your products.Your product photos are the first thing that the customers see. They are what makes the customers want to know more about your product. If your product photos are of poor quality, it will leave a negative impression of your brand and the products that you sell.
  • Make eye-catching product photos that will entice new audiences
    High-quality product photos can help to attract new audiences who may not have heard of your brand before. With great product photos, the audience will be much more likely to visit your site and explore what you have to offer. Eventually, this can lead to greater sales and more exposure for your brand!Product retouching is the process and application of digital post-production techniques to alter the appearance, form, and materials of a product photo. For e-commerce businesses, having professional product photos is essential for attracting new customers and eventually increasing sales.
  • Convert the onlooker into a buyer
    To make a successful sale, you need to be able to catch the customer’s attention. This is where product photos come in. In order for customers to be interested in your product, they need to be able to see it in full detail.Product retouching can help you achieve this by making your products look more vivid, bright, and eye-catching. By using advanced photo editing techniques to enhance the details of your product photos, you can create a truly memorable impression on potential buyers and turn them into paying customers!
  • Get ahead of the competition
    When it comes to e-commerce, you’re always competing with other businesses in the same space. This means that if you want your product photos to stand out and be noticed, they will need to be the best of the best.
  • Great image means more traffic = SEO rankings
    It’s a simple equation: the better your product photos look, the more traffic you’re likely to get to your website. And the more traffic you have, the higher your SEO rankings will be. That means even more traffic and even more sales!
  • The power of a viral image
    One of the best things about having high-quality product photos is that they have a good chance of going viral. Whether it’s on social media, blogs, or other websites, a great product photo can spread like wildfire and bring more customers to your site.
  • Great Product Photos Mean Greater Online Success
    If you’re serious about growing your e-commerce business, investing in professional product retouching services is necessary. With the help of professional editors at Pixel by Hand, you can create stunning, high-quality product photos that will truly wow your customers and set you apart from the competition.
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Product Retouching Services by Pixel By Hand

In a nutshell, product retouching can bring a lot to the table when it comes to making sure your products are presented in the best light possible. Whether you’re an e-commerce business, a blogger, or any other type of online seller, professional product photos are essential for success.

That’s where Pixel by Hand comes in. We are experts in digital post-production and can help you create the perfect product photos for your e-commerce business.

The quality of work we produce is something we take pride on not to mention the fast turnaround time. You can feel confident that your product photos will look their best. We generally deliver edited photos within 24 hours or earlier depending on your requirements.

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