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The Best Ways To Upload & Share Images With Pixel By Hand

Pixel By Hand Share File


As a photographer or fashion retailer, working with Pixel By Hand you want the fastest, most efficient way to share images with our platform. You have a number of options available to you. 

So which image sharing and upload service is the best, most secure, and affordable for your batch image uploads with Pixel By Hand?  

In this article, you’ll learn about the different ways you can share large batches of images with Pixelbyhand.com and why our preferred platform is our own Share File server. You will see why this easily trumps the other service providers on this list. 

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Pixel By Hand Share File

Our number one choice, Share File is a user-friendly image management system that’s easy to use and allows you to seamlessly upload images and other files, securely access your files, share data, and annotations using any device of your choice.  

Your Share File account is created automatically when you send a free trial image for us to edit. You get to setup a unique email/password combination for login that gives you secure access to unlimited image transfer space.

ShareFile is the perfect choice if you’re working with large volumes of photos or even individual shots.   It integrates perfectly with Pixel By Hand and comes with several tools that accelerate productivity such as automated email notifications.

Using the interface you can create folders to store, organise and share your images.

The upload/download speed of the server is exceptionally fast. Best of all Share File is completely free, no subscriptions or hidden charges.

Pixel By Hand Share File

Ease Of Use – Using Share File is as easy as blinking your eyes can be. Your user account is set up automatically when you send your sample image for the free trial on the website. 

Folder Structure – Share File uses a Windows-friendly folderbased file storage structure that allows you to easily navigate through the files you have, filter your search, and access your data. This allows for simple ordering, automated email notifications, image review, and editing annotations.  

Speed upload/download – Share File is exceptionally fast and reliable. When we compare to other third party providers speeds are often 3 times as quick for Share File.   

Security – Share File includes industry-leading file sharing security standards with SSL/TLS encryption protocols. Your file storage in the cloud is kept safe using AES 256-bit encryption. You also have the option to encrypt emails you send out via the Microsoft Outlook plugin.

All images are kept kept securely on our servers. If you decide to stop working for us for any reason then we still keep your account active for 30 days from the time you leave.

Amount Of Space – You have no limit on file size and no limit on storage space.  

Cost – Completely free for the lifetime that you work with us. 

FTP Transfer

Another great way to share your batch images with Pixel By Hand is by using an FTP client such as FileZilla. FileZilla is a cross-platform FTP, SFTP, and FTPS client that’s capable of large file transfers.  

FTPs are good for batch image transfers because transfers can be resumed when interrupted without you worrying about losing progress, transfers can be scheduled, and you can easily recover lost data.  

Pixel By Hand can allocate you space on our server or you can use your own server if you prefer.

Automatic notifications are not available which may be a deal breaker for most as this can cause delays in processing.

filezilla screen layout description

Ease Of Use – FTP allows you to easily transfer multiple directories at the same time.

Folder Structure – Unlike ShareFile, FileZilla uses a local Site directory structure. You can navigate this directory structure by clicking on directories to expand their contents. Doing this will display the local site files section of the currently-selected directory. 

Speed upload/download – FTP upload and download is generally very quick

Security – The problem with FTP is the lack of security. It is a non-secure way to transfer data and a hacker can easily access the data, password, and username with little to no effort.  

Amount Of Space – You have no limit on file size and no limit on storage space if you request server space from Pixel By Hand. If you decide to use your own server then the space will limited by the amount of space you purchase.

Cost – FileZilla is a free service but the FileZilla Pro price is set at $19.99 with taxes included.  Cost will also depend on whether you use Pixel By Hand space or your own server space.

Cons – 

  • It is a non-secure way to transfer data.  
  • FTP doesn’t provide any encryption.  
  • Compliance is always an issue with FTP. 
  • No automatic email notifications for upload completion


    Box.com is a platform built to provide its users with an avenue to collaborate securely with anyone, anywhere, and on any device. With over 1,500 app integrations, the Box is a great way to share batch images with Pixel By Hand.  

    box.com screenshot

    Ease Of Use – Box is simple to use because it allows you to automate the repetitive workflows that are key to your business. It supports multiple ways to collaborate.  

    Folder Structure –Box uses two basic folder structures: open folder taxonomy and closed folder taxonomy. The taxonomy you choose is largely based on your internal security protocols and workflows.  

    For the Open Taxonomy, any user can easily create root-level folders on the “All Files” page.  

    For the Closed Taxonomy, only the Admins can create and own all root level folders on the “All Files” page.  

    Speed upload/download – Fast upload/download. 

    Security – Box provides frictionless security that makes protecting your sensitive data and files their number one priority. Thanks to strict data privacy, data residency, smart threat detection, and advanced security controls.  

    Amount Of Space – The single file upload limit however varies among the subscription plans. It’s 5GB for the Business plan, 15GB for the Business Plus, 50GB for the Enterprise plan, and 150GB for the Enterprise Plus.

    Cost –

    • The Business plan costs $20 per month.  
    • Business plus costs $33 per month.  
    • Enterprise costs $47 per month.  
    • The Enterprise Plus plan qualifies for a custom price offer.  

    All prices are subject to a 25% discount when billed annually.

    Cons – 

    • Low storage amount for users with a paid account.  
    • You need to pay for additional storage space.  
    • Desktop app options are too cumbersome and unclear. 
    • No automatic email notifications for upload completion 


      WeTransfer is another way to send large batches of image files with Pixel By Hand without folders. The platform originally started as a tool that allows users to send files using only the recipient’s and sender’s email addresses.  

      Now, several other features have been incorporated including cloud storage for photos, slides, download and contact management, Collect and Paste features, and lots more.  

      wetransfer screenshot

      Ease Of Use –WeTransfer is convenient to use with its simple file-sharing capabilities. All you need to do is visit the website and drag and drop your file onto the home screen to start the upload process. 

      Folder Structure –There is no existing folder structure for WeTransfer. It is advisable to zip your folders to maintain their existing structure before sending.    

      Speed upload/download – Can fluctuate

      Security – Your files are usually encrypted during an upload and only sent over a secure HTTPS connection. Their storage servers are also GDPR compliant and secure.   

      Amount Of Space – Free users and casual senders can send up to 2GB on WeTransfer and they don’t need to verify transfers.  

      Professionals and teams can send and receive up to 200GB. Each person is also allotted 1TB of storage space and you decide when transfers expire. The premium plan users  

      Cost –

      • The Free plan costs $0 per month.  
      • The Pro plan costs $12 per month. 
      • The premium plan costs $23 per month 

      Cons –

      • The price of the premium plan is too excessive for the cost and is not worth the features.  
      • You can’t access the products from one account.  
      • There are some reliability issues and it’s usually not recommended.  
      • You’ll be charged for sending large images. 


      Dropbox is a powerful filesharing platform that helps to keep your files secure and provides you with access to unique collaboration tools letting you share your files with Pixel By Hand.  

      dropbox screenshot

      Ease Of Use – Dropbox is easy to use and anyone can quickly send any type of file to anyone regardless of the size and whether or not they have a Dropbox account.

      Folder Structure – Dropbox’s folder hierarchy allows you to easily create a simple folder structure for your documents so that anyone granted access to your files in your team can easily navigate and view these files in an organized way.

      Speed upload/download –Unlike with Share File, there are reported speed issues with upload and download using Dropbox

      Security –Dropbox uses multiple layers of protection to keep your files safe and secure. Security is a priority and was built into the platform’s design. 

      Amount Of Space –Dropbox allows users to store 2 GB of files with Dropbox Basic (Free) and up to 5 TB for the business standard plan. 

      Cost –

        • Standard plan costs $15 / user / month.  
        • Advanced plan costs $25 / user / month.  
        • Plus costs $11.99 / month.  
        • Family costs $19.99 / family / month.  
        • The Professional plan costs $19.99 / month.  

        All plans qualify for a 20% discount when paid for annually.  

      Cons –

        • The free account storage allocation is way too small. 
        • Dropbox paid accounts are too expensive for the features they offer.  
        • You’ll need to pay for additional space. 
        • No automatic email notifications for upload completion

      Google Drive

      You mention Google and everyone already expects it to be awesome. Well, Google Drive is not to be left out. It is a popular filesharing platform owned by Google that allows users to upload, edit, and share files with Pixel By Hand   

      google drive demo gif

      Ease Of Use – Unlike Share File, Google drive is not very userfriendly 

      Folder Structure –It has a wonderful folder structure that makes it easy to navigate. Every user has a default “root” folder called “My Drive”. This is the primary folder that functions as the main hierarchy. Everything you upload on the platform naturally descends from this root folder.   

      Speed upload/download – Slower upload/download speed

      Security – All files you upload are stored securely in Google’s world-class data centers. Your data is encrypted in transit and at rest. 

      Amount Of Space – Google Drive offers a generous file size limit of 5TB and a free 15 GB of storage for every account.  

      Cost – Google Drive is free, but if you want more storage space, you’ll have to subscribe to a Google Workspace pricing plan. Which costs between $6 and $18 per month or more.  

      Cons – 

      • Shared files on Google Drive do not support password protection 
      • There are some privacy concerns about using Google Drive.  
      • Need to pay for additional space.  


        One Drive is Microsoft’s file sharing platform that’s the default storage and syncing service for Office 365 and Windows 10. Users can also use One Drive to easily share batch images with Pixel By Hand.  You can easily save your files and images to OneDrive and access them from any device, anywhere in the world.  

        one drive screenshot

        Ease Of Use – Despite its robust features, One Drive is not very userfriendly.  

        Folder Structure –The One Drive folder structure is easy to navigate and any Windows OS user will easily find it familiar 

        Speed upload/download – Slower upload/download speed

        Security – OneDrive is a secure file sharing platform that has a built-in SSL encryption tunnel specially designed to keep all data safe in it. 

        Amount Of Space – One Drive offers a file size limit of 15GB and users have a free storage space of 5GB.  

        Cost – One Drive basic plan is free. However, if you want additional storage space, you’ll have to upgrade to a standard plan at $1.99 per month, or a Microsoft family plan at $99.99 per year.    

        Cons – 

          • While it provides great services, One Drive’s 5GB  free storage is lesser than some of its main competitors.  
          • The platform only allows you to sync specific folders.  
          • No automatic email notifications for upload completion


          When push comes to shove, we can always rely on our good old-fashioned email system to share large images and photos with Pixel By Hand.   

          email screenshots

          Ease Of Use – Attaching and sending files via email is very easy to do and it’s convenient for sharing smaller files and single images. Larger files or batches of images are a different problem.

          Folder Structure – There is no available folder structure. 

          Speed upload/download – Slower upload/download speed

          Security –Emails aren’t secure but security can be achieved by encrypting individual emails as well as email attachments

          Amount Of Space –With Gmail as an example, you can only send up to 25 MB in attachments. 

          Cost – Email services are available for free.    

          Cons – 

          • Delivery issues
          • Unable to send large files
          • Slow

          Hosting Your Own Server

          If you want to have total control over your file storage, security, and sharing, to be able to access all your local media on any device in your house, having your server is one good way to go about it.  

          You can then connect to Pixel By Hand and share images directly from your computer.  

          The main disadvantages of hosting your own server is the cost and also the lack of automatic notifications when uploads are complete. 

          Why Do We Recommend Using Our Own Share File Service?

          Now that you have ample knowledge of all the file-sharing possibilities for sending image to and from Pixel By Hand, what’s the fastest, most affordable, easiest, most reliable, practical and secure platform to use for your batch image uploads?  

          You get extra points if you guessed Share File. This is Pixel By Hand’s own file-sharing server that seamlessly integrates with the platform.  So what are you waiting for? Get started with a free trial today, start enjoying seamless sharing and amazing product image editing.

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