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What Type of Clipping Path Service is Perfect for Your Business?

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Clipping paths are powerful instruments utilised in image editing software. They facilitate precise removal of image sections and enable the isolation of content within the vector path. Any component outside this closed vector is permanently erased, resulting in only the desired outcome.

If you’re looking to create a visually stunning design, the use of clipping paths is essential. By doing so, it allows for the removal of a photo’s background and provides an opportunity to merge that image with another one. This technique can be used to give your images a professional look and feel without investing time in complex photo editing solutions.

Clipping paths allow us to be more creative in our designs while also maintaining quality visuals. For example, if you’re running an online retail store for shoes and clothes, clipping paths make it easy to remove the background of any images to showcase products without distractions.

A professional clipping path service is recommended for businesses that need precise control over their image backgrounds and require more intricate designs. This service provides advanced capabilities such as creating multiple clipping paths for complex objects, correcting distorted edges, and removing details with extreme accuracy.

In this guide, we’ll look deeper into what clipping path services are available and which one is the most suitable for your business.

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Types of Clipping Path Service

Photoshop image clipping service can be used in different ways depending on the complexity of your project. Here are some of the most commonly used services:

  • Basic Clipping Path Service: This service is suitable for objects with simple shapes and straight edges, such as lettering or logos. It’s a cost-effective solution when working with basic images that do not require a lot of detailed work or corrections.
  • Multiple Clipping Path Service: This type of service is used for objects with more complex shapes and multiple layers. It provides a high degree of accuracy and can be used to isolate multiple sections of an image at once.Multiple Clipping Path Service is highly recommended for editing neck joints and ghost mannequins, as it allows for the removal of shadows, highlights, and other photographic elements that are difficult to recreate.
  • Complex Clipping Path Service: This advanced service is used to create clipping paths for more complex shapes. It manually selects each object and outlines its edges in precise detail to achieve the desired effect.

    If you are an online clothes store, you can use a complex clipping path to isolate netted fabric, clothing details such as buttons and pockets, people’s faces, or other complex accessories. With numerous minuscule gaps between products, isolating a single item from the rest can be an incredibly labor-intensive process. A complex clipping path allows you to do this without any fuss.

  • Color-Path Service: This type of service uses a combination of clipping paths and color channels to isolate an image from its background. It’s used for photos with elements that have distinct colors, such as clothes or furniture.

    For example, if you are running a garments online store, you can use a color-path service to extract clothing items from their background quickly. You can then proceed with other image editing techniques like retouching and color correction to make them look even better.

  • Image Masking Service: This service masks image backgrounds by selecting the foreground object and then applying a mask layer to the remaining background. It’s suitable for images that involve complex shapes, such as hair strands or fur coats.
    Image masking is highly recommended for jewelers as most pieces have intricate designs that are difficult to extract using traditional clipping path services. With image masking, editing jewelry photographs becomes a much simpler task.
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Who Needs Image Clipping Path Service?

Before you consider opting for an image clipping path service, you need to take a look at your business needs and the images you have available. Generally, businesses that publish product images online or handle large numbers of photographs on a regular basis can benefit from this type of service.

  • Online Fashion Retailers
    Image clipping path services are especially useful for fashion stores as they enable them to create stunning product images with background removal. They can also be used to create ghost mannequins, color-balanced photos, and neck joint images.
  • Jewelers
    Jewelers demand precise product photography in order to highlight the exquisite quality of their jewelry pieces. Image masking services can be a lifesaver for these professionals; they provide an easy and efficient way to extract complicated details from photographs.
  • Photographers
    Professional photographers understand the importance of showcasing their best images. With image clipping path services, they can effortlessly eliminate distractions and concentrate on the most vital components in each picture without devoting several hours manually editing them.
  • Car Dealers and other Large Scale Businesses
    Image clipping path services are also useful for companies that need to process large amounts of photos on a regular basis. Car dealers, for example, can use the services to remove backgrounds from pictures of vehicles and create high-quality car banners quickly and efficiently.
  • Architecture and interior design business
    Image clipping path service can showcase each room’s best features, from windows and doors to furniture and appliances. This allows them to produce attractive visuals for business portfolios, websites and marketing campaigns.
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Pixel By Hand Clipping Path Service

Ultimately, using image clipping path services is an efficient and cost-efficient method for editing photographs that still yields stellar effects. Irrespective of the kind of photography your business entails, this service can be a huge help! Make sure to select the right type of clipping path service based on what pictures require processing. Doing it correctly can save you time and money while delivering remarkable results.

Pixel by Hand is a leading provider of image-clipping path services. Our experienced specialists can handle any type of project, from simple background removal to complex masking and color correction tasks. Contact us today for a free consultation! Or get started with your FREE Trial below.

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