Streamlining Your eCommerce Product Photography Productivity 

Streamlining Your eCommerce Product Photography Productivity


Many industries outside of ecommerce product photography have ensured that they have a streamlined process for their work. Whether its manufacturing toys in China or a farmer planning his crops for the coming year each and everyone of them has a plan in place in order to eliminate time and cost waste. 

Ecommerce product photography is no different. It is essential that you consider your ecommerce product photography productivity as a key part of your ecommerce business in order to limit financial loss and gain speed to market. 

How do you streamline your ecommerce product photography? 

The simple answer is you need to remove time and cost waste. 

This answer can be broken down into further key areas to eliminate this waste. These areas are – 

1) Set up your product photography studio efficiently 

2) Keep a close eye on your return on investment 

3) Physical product sample availability and management 

4) Efficient feedback on images 

5) Manage & move your digital images efficiently 

6) Effective image editing & post production 

7) Getting organised for product re-shoots 




Quick Glance Guide To Streamlining eCommerce Product Photography Efficiency 

Quick Glance Guide To Streamlining eCommerce Product Photography Efficiency

It’s important not to over complicate this. Each of the steps above are relatively straight forward to implement. It’s key in order to have a productive ecommerce product photography workflow you need to remove time waste. 

Let’s go a little deeper into each of these essential points in order to streamline your product photography productivity. 

1) Set up your product photography studio efficiently 

Whether this means the physical setup of your equipment or the processes you go through to produce your images – photo studio efficiency is a key aspect of reducing wasted time and effort. 

If you want to take a deeper look at setting up your studio more efficiently then this article will help. 

2) Keep a close eye on your return on investment 

It’s important to not forget the main reason why we do all this creative work – the bottom line. Sometimes things can get out of control in terms of the creative aspects, we may lose sight of budgets and metrics. Keeping a tight rein on spend, planning and testing are key. 

If you want to see a more in-depth look at ways to control ROI then take a look here. 

3) Physical product sample availability and management 

Physical product management is often a forgotten part of an effective system. Afterall the products are just there are they? Well the answer is no. Sample often disappear or are moved around for different purposes. If you don’t have samples then you cannot shoot – simple. 

Let’s take a look at how this can be rectified. 

4) Efficient feedback on images 

This is not just about getting images approved quickly, it also means getting the decisions correct. Afterall, if we get something wrong first time it means re-shooting which equals delays! 

Often times these decisions are incorrectly made where jobs are separated and decisions are not made by one responsible person. 

Take a look at a more detailed guide on this. 

5) Manage & move your digital images efficiently 

Managing your images efficiently with an Image Management System (IMS) is key. An IMS is designed to automate many parts of the image management. Communication is much more effective using the IMS and reduces the number of errors. This will then lead to speeding up the whole process. 

Take a look at how an IMS can improve overall performance and why they are so effective here. 

6) Effective image editing & post production 

Image editing is an essential part of the entire system, but it can also be very damaging to your studios efficiency if not done correctly. Post production success should determined by management, work quality, workflow efficiency, cost and time to posting. 

Let’s take a deep dive into post shoot image editing and how this can help improve efficiency. 

7) Getting organised for product reshoots 

Re-shoots are sometimes inevitable. It’s vital that you are prepared for them. Things will go wrong when you finally publish to your website. Often it could be a color issue or something misinterpreted on an image. This will lead to product returns from customers. You must be ready to reshoot in the case of these eventualities. 

Take a look here at how to best plan for reshoots. 

So now we know exactly how to remove this time waste from our ecommerce product photography and it’s time to put it into action. This is an ongoing process and some aspects will be more effective depending on what stage of business you are at. 

Large companies that are creating millions of images per year will need a fully functional, well-oiled machine already in place otherwise this wastage can cause huge dents in ROI.  

Whereas a newer business will want to start practising these improvements as they go, empowering employees to be involved in the process and get them to take responsibility for the things they really know about. Get employees to test and implement things that work. 

At the end of the day the goal is to reduce waste and get stuff done! 


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