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The significance of product photography in online marketing is unmatched, especially in shoe sales. Given that buyers can’t try the shoes first, it’s essential to have top-notch images. These pictures need to show exactly how the shoes look in real life.

Shoes are a fun item to shoot but can be challenging at the same time. You need to highlight the details and features that make the shoes unique, while also making sure that the photos are well-composed and flattering.

High-quality images also improve the shopping experience for customers. According to Big Commerce, 78% of online customers want images to help them visualize items more clearly. Customers want to see the item as though it’s a part of their daily lives. Your product images have the power to narrate a story: what your brand is about, what it means to customers, and why they should care about it.

Blurred and darkened product pictures might perplex customers, so you’ll be able to sell your items only after you include clarity, correct lighting, and other important components in your footwear product images. This is where experts like Pixel by Hand come to play. Ecommerce product photo editing services allow you to get the best out of your shoe product photos and help you increase sales by manifolds.

But before we explain the benefits of post-production, let’s go over the guidelines to great shoe product photography.

Here are some of the dos and don’ts of shoe product photography to help you take amazing photos that will appeal to customers and boost your sales.

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The Dos and Don’ts of Shoe Product Photography

Shoe product photography is all about showing off the details that make your shoes unique. Therefore, it’s important to use a high-quality camera and take close-up shots that highlight the features of the shoes.


DO use a plain background
When it comes to taking photos of shoes, a plain background is key. This will help the shoes stand out and make them the focal point of the photo. Avoid busy patterns or textures that can be distracting and take away from the shoes.

If you’re shooting on a white background, you can use a white reflector to bounce light back onto the shoes and create a bright, clean look.
For a more natural look, try shooting on a wood floor or outside on grass. Just make sure the background compliments the shoes and doesn’t take away from them.


DON’T use flash
Using a flash can often create a harsh, unnatural look that can be unflattering for shoes. If you must use flash, try diffusing it with a white sheet or using a flash diffuser.

Bounce flash is another option that can create a more natural look. To do this, point the flash towards a white ceiling or wall and allow the light to bounce off of it and onto the shoes.


DO use natural light
Natural light is always your best option when shooting photos. It will create a softer, more flattering light that is less likely to cause shadows or reflections.

If you’re shooting inside, try to find a room with large windows that let in plenty of light. You can also shoot outside in an open shade area to avoid direct sunlight.


DON’T Lay footwear flat
Laying shoes flat on the surface can often make them look boring and uninteresting. Instead, try shooting them at an angle or propping them up on a stool or chair. This will give the photo some more dimension and make the shoes look more dynamic.


DO use props
Props are a great way to add interesting elements to your photos and help tell a story about the shoes. Common props for shoe photography include plants, rocks, and vintage items.

Try to use props that complement the style of the shoes and add to the overall aesthetic of the photo.


DON’T Clutter the frame
When shooting shoes, it’s important to keep the photo clean and simple. This means avoiding clutter and distractions that can take away from the shoes.

Keep the focus on the shoes by keeping the background clean and free of any unnecessary elements. If you’re using props, make sure they are placed in a way that doesn’t clutter the photo.


DO Shoot in multiple angles
When shooting shoes, be sure to take photos from multiple angles. This will give viewers a better idea of the shape and design of the shoes.
Try to shoot from above, below, and at eye level. You should also shoot close-ups of any unique details like stitching or patterns.


DON’T Use blurry or soft focus
Your photos should be sharp and in focus. This means avoiding any blurry or soft images that can be difficult to see.

If you’re having trouble getting sharp images, try using a tripod or stabilizing your camera on a solid surface. You can also adjust the shutter speed to help reduce any blurriness.


DO use editing
Editing your photos is a great way to enhance them and make them look their best. There are a number of editing software programs that can help you improve the quality of your photos.

We recommend using Photoshop, which is a powerful program that offers a wide range of features. With Photoshop, you can make basic edits like exposure and color correction. You can also do more advanced edits like adding graphics or removing background elements.

When editing your photos, it’s important to avoid going overboard. This means not making any drastic changes that can alter the look of the photo too much.

It’s also important to keep the original version of the photo so you can always go back to it if you don’t like the edits you’ve made.


DON’T forget the details
When shooting shoes, it’s important to remember the small details. This includes things like laces, stitching, and any unique embellishments.
These details can often be what makes a pair of shoes special, so be sure to capture them in your photos.


DO use a tripod
Using a tripod will help you get sharp, in-focus photos. It will also allow you to shoot in lower light conditions without having to use a flash.
If you don’t have a tripod, try stabilizing your camera on a solid surface like a table or countertop. You can also use a self-timer or remote shutter release to avoid shake.


DON’T use a flash
Using a flash can often create a harsh, unnatural look that can be unflattering for shoes. If you must use flash, try diffusing it with a white sheet or using a flash diffuser.

Bounce flash is another option that can create a more natural look. To do this, point the flash towards a white ceiling or wall so that the light bounces off of it and onto the shoes.


Now that you know how to shoot shoes, put these tips into practice and see how they can help improve your photos. With a little practice, you’ll be able to take stunning photos that show off your favorite pairs of shoes.

Shoe Product Photography

Shoe Product Photography: Quick Tips

When it comes to shoe product photography, you may want to take as many photos as you can from different angles. This is because people want to be able to see the product well before they purchase it, so that they know exactly what they are getting.

Here are some recommendations for footwear angles:

  • At least one angled shot of the complete shoe set
  • Two close-up side shots: left and right
  • Left and right angled side shots
  • A shot of the shoe’s front
  • A shot of the back of the shoe
  • A top view shot of the shoe
  • A “detail” shot shows texture, quality, and other elements up close.

Props are important in shoe product photography because they help to show off the shoes in the best light possible. The most common props used for this type of photography are items like a stool, a chair, or even a table. Make sure the props you use are not too big or too small for the shoes you are photographing.

The way you style the shoes is also important. Arrange your subject in a way that looks natural and not too staged. One way to do this is to place them on the ground and then take the photo from above. This will help to show off the shoes in the best way possible.

Your subject’s background should be clean and simple. This is because you want the focus to be on the shoes and not on the background. A plain white background is always a good option because it is clean and classic.

Lighting is also very important in shoe product photography. The shoes should be well lit so that people can see them clearly. One way to do this is to use a light box. This can help diffuse the light and make it softer.

When taking photos of shoes, it’s important to keep these things in mind. By following these tips, you will be able to take great photos that will show off the shoes in the best light possible.

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