Fast & Effective Lightbox for Product Photography DIY Lighting 

Product Photography DIY Lighting - Fast & Effective Lightbox

If you are in the initial stages of launching an eCommerce business or embarking on product photography, it is crucial to keep your expenses as low as possible.

You also want to be able to create the best photographs of your products in order to sell more.

In this How To Guide we show you exactly how you can setup fantastic portrait lights with items already lying around the home. The portrait light is extremely popular with fashion and product photographers due to its unique lighting effects.

Usually these types of photography apparatus are pretty expensive. Most basic sets retail around $100 or more. So we decided to create a ‘slightly’ cheaper version.

So what do we need to create product photography DIY lighting?


  • A spare box – It needs to be roughly the same size and shape as the one in the image below.
  • Christmas lights – White only, no multi-coloured for obvious reasons!
  • Double Sided Tape & Single Sided Tape
  • A ruler or straight edge – For marking and cutting
  • Craft knife
  • Scissors
  • Marker
  • Tracing paper
  • Kitchen foil

Step 1: Mark and cut out the box

1 product photography diy lighting lightbox

Take your box and mark out a window using the pen and ruler. A few centimetres from the edge will do for your lines. Try and keep them all roughly the same distance from the edge.


2 product photography diy lighting lightbox

Carefully cut along the straight edge with your craft knife. You are looking to make a window in the box where the light will illuminate from.

3 product photography diy lighting lightbox

Don’t throw away the cut out piece of card.

4 product photography diy lighting lightbox

Step 2: Cut Out The Tracing Paper To Fit


We can use it as a template to mark out the tracing paper.

6 Product Photography DIY Lighting

 Cut out the tracing paper so it is large enough to cover the window in the box.

7 Product Photography DIY Lighting

Step 3: Create A Hole For Your Lights

8 Product Photography DIY Lighting lightbox

Next we need to make a hole in the side of the box using a screwdriver if you have one available. The hole is so we can thread through the lead for the Christmas lights.

Step 4: Attach Your Foil To The Box

10 Product Photography DIY Lighting lightbox

We need to use the tin foil as a backer, to increase the volume of light. Place the foil over the open box. Push the foil down so it fits snuggly into the corners of the inside. Once the foil has been ‘marked’, remove it from the box.

11 Product Photography DIY Lighting lightbox

We need to place strips of double sided tape inside the box to fix the foil in place.

12 Product Photography DIY Lighting lightbox

Place the foil back on top, pushing it down onto the tape so it fixes in place.

Step 5: Attach Your Tracing Paper

13 Product Photography DIY Lighting lightbox

Place the sheet of tracing paper we cut out previously on the inside of the box lid.

14 Product Photography DIY Lighting lightbox

Tape the tracing paper to the lid. Make sure its single sided tape you use!

Step 6: Add Your Lights

15 Product Photography DIY Lighting lightbox

Place the Christmas lights inside the box. Spread them evenly around so you will get an even amount of light displaying through. Push the light lead through the hole and connect it up to your plug.

16 Product Photography DIY Lighting lightbox

Test out the lights to see if the lights are spread evenly. Move them around until you are happy.

17 Product Photography DIY Lighting lightbox

Close the lid and there you have your completed lightbox.

18 Product Photography DIY Lighting lightbox

Step 8: (Optional) Attach Your Light Box To A Stand

19 lightbox stand

To create height you can add an adjustable stand, simply fix it with tape on the back of the box.

Lets’ see the DIY Lightbox in action

20 Product Photography DIY Lighting lightbox

There is no reason why this low cost setup cannot match even some of the most expensive lighting sets. It’s quick and easy to setup. Even if you don’t have a set of white Christmas lights you can pick them up from your local dollar store or Ebay. Simple right?

Want to see this product photography lightbox setup in a sequence video?

There you go! What’s your experience in making this lighting setup? We’re excited to know! Let us know in the comments section below.


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